More often than not, we focus on the interior of our home and neglect what the exterior looks like. When renovating your property, it is important to take into consideration the condition and appearance of your property’s exterior. We have thought up some great ways that you can update your property and transform its appearance. There are a variety of alterations you can make; from replacing your current windows to a more considerable investment of installing a conservatory. Here is a guide on how to update your house exterior.

Tips on how to update your house exterior

Having a smaller budget does not mean you can’t make significant updates to your home; we have found some effective yet affordable ways of revamping your property’s exterior. Nevertheless, having a more liberal budget does allow you to invest in more expensive renovations. Here is how you can alter the appearance of your home so that not only does it look attractive from the inside, but rejuvenated the outside. All of the ideas we have constructed can be tailored to the features of your home and completed on either end of the price spectrum.

Build a porch

Transform the entrance to your home with the addition of a stylish new porch. Adding a porch on to the front of your property is a great way of providing you with extra floor space to store shoes, boots, umbrellas and coats. This addition will not only increase the value of your home if you decide to sell but will create a welcoming entrance to your property. It is also a successful way of adding a touch of individualism and character to your home, especially if your property has a featureless front to it.

You may also wish to consider the addition of a porch if your front door opens straight into your living room rather than a hallway. The porch should be built in a similar style to your property and should be constructed from comparable materials. It should accurately suit the original architecture of the property whilst being in proportion with the dimensions of the house.

Nevertheless, you must consider the impact a porch will have on the amount of natural light that is let in. If you have a glass front door, you may notice a difference in natural light with the inclusion of a porch. This may be resolved with a well-considered design. It is worth seeking the advice of professional builders in Milton Keynes when it comes to deciding on the size, style and design of the porch.

new front door

Replace your front door

Relacing your front door is a relatively straightforward way of transforming the look of your property. It is also reasonably inexpensive to do so when compared with other home improvement projects. When it comes to deciding on a new front door, do not opt for the most reasonable option. You need to take into consideration the materials used, the manufacturer and additional safety features.

Choosing a good quality front door will not only ensure it provides you with a long service life, but it will also help to keep you and your family safe in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a door on a low budget, then it is worth looking into the range of uPVC doors available; they are likely to be the most affordable. If, however, you are searching for quality, then a solid hardwood front door will be at the other end of the price spectrum. These doors are likely to last a lot longer than uPVC but will require regular maintenance to preserve their condition. For more information on how to choose a new front door, take a read of this article.

new windows

Update your windows

Installing modernised and up to date window frames is a perfect way of giving your property a new lease of life. Depending on the material your windows have been constructed from, some are likely to last longer than others. For example, aluminium windows provide extremely high durability and weathering qualities; whereas, timber frames, over time, tend to rot and warp. If your current windows are more than 25 years old, then we suggest replacing your windows in Luton for a more thermally insulating alternative.

If, however, you have uPVC window frames and you consider them to still be in fairly good condition, then it may be worth just washing them. Take a read of this guide on the best way to clean up and maintain uPVC windows. Taking the time to clean your windows a few times a year will help them to last long, prevent deterioration and ensure your home looks smart and well-kept.

roof replacement

Restore your roof

If you own an older property, then replacing the roofing system may not only help to improve the appearance of your property but also increase the thermal efficiency of your home. Many old roofs now lack modern insulating properties that ensure your home stays warm in the winter without the need for too much additional heating.

If your property incorporates a flat roof into the design, then altering this and opting for a pitched roof could considerably improve its appearance. It may help to add character and shape to your home, whilst providing you with a brand new loft. Replacing your roof will be one of the most expensive alterations you could make to your home, however, it is likely to have the most impact on its appearance. Without a doubt, replacing your existing roof will be a worthwhile investment and add considerable value to the resale price.


These are just some ways that you can transform the appearance of your home and inject a new lease of life into its exterior. All of these alterations are investments that need to be considered meticulously before going ahead, so make sure to invest in some expert advice and guidance. If you have found this article to be beneficial to you, please feel free to share it on your social channels.

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