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Find the perfect window or door design using a range of quality and leading products that can be customised to your style requirements and property aesthetic.

Front Doors Dunstable

Add a unique touch to your home with our front doors in Dunstable, which can be fully customised to your style to complement your home effortlessly. Along with style choices, our front doors also provide exceptional energy efficiency and high performance. Through the use of uPVC and aluminium, you can ensure that your front door is both durable and stylish. Incorporated into your door are the latest safety features enhancing your properties security while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing finish.

When working with our team, you can also add glass panes to your front door design, such as incorporating panes on the door or around the frame to draw attention to your new entrance. Our front door range allows you to add a contemporary, traditional and cottage feel to your home, which can be enhanced through our wide selection of colours, such as incorporating a dark grey front door for a modern feel or cream and white front door for a more traditional aesthetic.


Are you looking to change the aesthetic of your property? With the CS Windows team, you can transform both the exterior and interior of your property through the use of our high quality and leading windows in Dunstable. Our collection of windows adds style and functionality to any home, and can drastically change the design of your property. For example, you can choose from a wide range of colours adding a touch of vibrancy or maintaining a subtle appearance, creating an exterior with an abundance of character while transforming the interior with a modern design.

The exterior of your window can incorporate a touch of personality onto any property, while the interior of the window frame can be designed in a crisp and fresh white allowing you to change the aesthetic within your home through interior decor. As well as colour options you can also choose from a wide selection of window styles, such as our popular sliding sash windows or choose between our uPVC casement and our flush casement. Included in the style is your choice of frame design, you can choose to have a bold frame to make a statement or a slimline frame for a contemporary touch.


If you love your home, but it does not provide the space needed for you and your family, conservatories are the perfect solution. Conservatories are a cost-effective way to add space to your home without having an extension. Your newly found space can be used for many reasons, such as a study or dining room; this makes the space extremely versatile allowing you to incorporate your personal touches through interior decor and enjoy your garden space throughout the year. One of the main benefits of investing in a conservatory is that it provides your home with ample natural light, which is ideal for small properties as it offers a brighter and bigger feel.

Through the use of our exceptional materials and products, your conservatory can last for up to 20 years before any replacements or repairs are required. However, when the roof of a conservatory becomes old and tired, it requires our replacement guardian tiled roof in Dunstable. Guardian tiled roofs help to maintain a good temperature within your conservatory, improving energy efficiency. Through this solution, you are able to enjoy your conservatory in the winter and summer months in comfort, making it the perfect home addition for the whole family to enjoy.

Roof Lights

For those with dark homes looking to add light but are worried that incorporating additional windows will affect your privacy, we highly recommend our range of roof lights in Dunstable. Through the use of large flat roof lights or roof lanterns, you can incorporate ample light into your home without affecting your family’s privacy through the use of tinted glass. This allows you to enjoy natural light, opening up your living space to make it feel bigger and brighter. Our team can work with you to design a product that best matches your home and requirements, such as installing a roof lantern in your new extension or flat roof lights in your loft conversion.

If you are currently renovating your home, our team can work with other contractors to install your roof light during your project to minimise disruption. In addition to the benefits that you can take advantage of when installing our high-quality products, you can also enjoy personalisation of your new roof lights through the use of colour and glazing. Our aluminium roof lights come in a multitude of colours, helping you to enhance your interior decor and elevate the beauty of your home. When designing your product, our team can help to either maintain the personality of your home, or incorporate character through styles and colours to create an eye-catching property personalised to you.

Our Most Popular Products

uPVC Windows & Doors

When it comes to designing your perfect window and door, we highly recommend incorporating uPVC material to provide a durable and long-lasting solution. Our uPVC windows in Dunstable are designed to provide you with high-quality for many years, ensuring that your products are worth the investment. Due to uPVC being a manufactured material, it allows you to incorporate a colour of your choosing, such as vibrant reds and subtle greens or a more contemporary look with whites or greys.

In addition to your new windows, our team can also help you to design the perfect uPVC doors in Dunstable, which can follow the same design style as your windows, or create a statement and bold piece for the perfect home entrance. All of our uPVC doors and windows incorporate a high-quality interlocking system for a safe and secure home, which is then further enhanced through the use of double or triple glazing. Please feel free to discuss with our team how you can customise your uPVC products and the multitude of benefits that come alongside this material.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium is another window and door material that can provide you with high quality and a durable solution. Much like uPVC, you can customise your products through the use of colours as well as double glazing and handle designs. If you are unsure of the colour to use for aluminium windows in Dunstable, then our team will work with you to design a product that matches your property as well as your personal style. Our team can colour match existing windows for those living in conservation areas or listed properties, allowing you to enjoy the traditional characteristics of your home with the addition of modern benefits.

Aluminium is one of the most durable materials available for your windows and doors, ensuring that the products that you choose last many years. To accompany your new windows, our team can also help you to design aluminium doors in Dunstable, such as our stunning aluminium bi-fold doors. These doors can be perfectly matched with your windows in terms of colour or style, and our team can help customise your doors through the use of glass panels to add to the characteristics of your home.

Double Glazing

On many older properties, single glazing is extremely common for windows and doors. However, this does not provide efficient insulation and can cause conservatories to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. For this reason, CS Windows installs double glazing in Dunstable for all products designed by our team. Double glazing comes with an abundance of benefits, such as increasing energy efficiency to reducing energy bills and maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round, while also improving security.

As well as double glazing, our team can also install triple glazing depending on your budget and requirements; this may be more suitable for conservatories where the entire room is made from glass, insulating the space to make it more relaxing throughout the year. Double glazing, on the other hand, is most commonly used for windows and glass panes on doors. By using leading products and high-quality materials, double glazing installed by CS Windows allows you to enjoy the multitude of benefits of double glazing for up to 20 years.

The Benefits of Our Products

With over 10 years of experience, our team can help to design stunning products and provide you with second-to-none customer care. Our diligent customer service has awarded us with a 9.98 rating on Checkatrade, and much of our work comes from recommendations. Here at CS Windows, our main priority is ensuring that your products are how you envisioned and that you are more than satisfied with the service you have received. As a company that is known for their hard work and high quality, you can have peace of mind that both your design and installation will run smoothly and be complete to the highest standards.

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