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From multiple colour combinations to various styles available, you can easily piece together the perfect windows, doors and conservatory suited to your style and property.

Front Doors Harpenden

Having had years of experience providing front doors to many clients, the CS Windows team can ensure that your product is designed to premium quality and installed to the highest standards. Our team aims to bring every vision to life through our multitude of products, using a wide range of colour options and styles to piece together a design that suits your home and personal preference. When designing your front door in Harpenden, you can incorporate colours and additional features such as our range of handles to ensure that your final product is exactly how you imagined.

Not only can you choose from a selection of colours, but you can also decide whether you would like your door as uPVC or aluminium. Both of these high-quality materials provide durability, longevity and an abundance of style, ensuring that your products last many years to come. Whether you have a design style in mind or would like to discuss your options, our friendly team are always at hand to discuss the multiple options available when working with CS Windows.


When it comes to designing your windows, there are multiple aspects that you will need to consider. From the type of glazing you use to the colour of the frame and style of the window, there are many ways in which you can fully customise your product. You can choose from our collection of modern and high-quality window styles such as a sliding sash and casement. On all of our windows, you can choose between uPVC and aluminium, providing you with a durable product and installations that last for many years. A wide range of colour options allows you to add a vibrant touch to your window without having to paint the frame.

The low-maintenance nature of these windows make them extremely popular with many of our clients, and the customisable options ensure that every window matches each home. In addition to this, you can also choose a window handle form our various designs and materials available. Our team are at hand to help you design a window that enhances the style you have in mind, also incorporating double or triple glazing, which helps to improve energy efficiency and prevents damage from condensation.


Conservatories are a great investment to make on your property as it provides a cost-effective way to add space on to your home as well as value when you decide to sell up. Not only this, but your conservatory will also be designed completely bespoke to you using a style, colour and finish that matches your personal preference as well as property. Materials can be matched with existing products on your home, such as your window and the brick on the lower half of a conservatory can be matched to the brick of your property.

Not only do we provide stunning handcrafted conservatories in Harpenden, but we can also offer replacement guardian roofs to upgrade the conservatories that no longer function as a comfortable space for the family to enjoy. Our guardian tiled roofs in Harpenden help to maintain a comfortable temperature within your conservatory, making it more energy-efficient, which will, in turn, reduce energy costs. This energy efficiency is enhanced through the use of double or triple glazing on your conservatory window. Our team will discuss with you which option is best for your home depending on budget and conservatory type.

Roof Lights

Whether you have had an extension or a loft conversion, our stunning range of roof lights in Harpenden are the perfect addition for your home to add natural light, making the space feel bigger and brighter. Our flat roof lights come with double glazing or triple glazing as well as an aluminium frame for a durable and long-lasting solution. Alternatively, you can incorporate a roof lantern into an extension or orangery to elevate the space and add ample light to your home. Our roof lanterns come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to install a large or small lantern depending on the space you have available. Roof lanterns are in the shape of a peek, allowing natural light to enter from various angles and travel throughout your home.

You also have the option of incorporating a tinted glass, ensuring that your new investment offers privacy. There is also the option to customise the frame with your choice of colours. Many of our clients opt for a black aluminium frame for a contemporary touch to both modern and traditional properties. All of our roof lights are made from the highest quality materials available and come in various styles to elevate your space. If you are currently in the process of designing an extension, our team can work with other contractors to ensure that your products are installed at the most convenient time for you and the construction of your new home edition. If you would like to know more about our roof lights, then please do not hesitate to contact our team, who will be more than happy to bring your vision to life.

Our Most Popular Products

uPVC Windows & Doors

As one of the most durable materials available, our uPVC windows in Harpenden can provide you with a long-lasting solution and offers an abundance of character to your beautiful property. One of the main benefits of using uPVC for your windows and doors is that you can choose from a wide range of colour options. You are not limited to plain tones and can choose vibrant colours such as bright reds, completely transforming your home to match your style. uPVC can also be designed to replicate windows and doors, such as providing a timber appearance with the benefits of modern material. This is beneficial for those living in conservation areas or a graded/listed property as our team can mimic your existing windows while offering better insulation and security. Your windows can also be paired with uPVC doors in Harpenden, using the same colours and style to create a coherent look throughout your home.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Another fantastic material to use on your windows and doors is aluminium as it provides strength and longevity while offering multiple style options. Our aluminium windows in Harpenden come in a variety of styles, such as sliding sash and tilt and turn, providing you with the option to customise your window while enhancing functionality for easy use. You are then able to match your window with our aluminium doors in Harpenden through the use of colour and our multitude of different designs.

When using aluminium for your front door, you can enhance the security of your home while also providing the ability to completely customise your product to match your style and property, such as through our range of stunning handles and glass panes. Glass panes can be incorporated into the door or the frame depending on your preference, and the glass can also be customised with detailed options to add a traditional touch to your product. Whether you have a door style in mind or you would like to know more about our aluminium windows and doors, feel free to contact our team for more information and to start bringing your product to life.

Double Glazing

After designing your products with the team, it is important to ensure that every aspect of your new investment is of the highest quality, and that’s why we provide double glazing in Harpenden. Incorporating double or even triple glazing into your windows, doors or conservatory, helps you increase thermal efficiency and reduce noise pollution for a more comfortable home throughout the year. Our glazing options are available with all of our products, enhancing the benefits that come with uPVC and aluminium.

Older products usually incorporate single glazing which does not provide you with efficient security or insulation, making it important to replace these products with new and advanced designs that incorporate high-quality glazing. Depending on your requirements, property and budget, our team can help you to decide whether your products require double or triple glazing. For example, a smaller property may only require double glazing as heat is easily retained, whereas triple glazing may be best in a conservatory where the whole room is made from glass.

The Benefits of Our Products

When working with the CS Windows team, you will be provided with only the best products available, supplied by leading manufacturers in the industry. This means that your products, whether it is a window, door, or stunning conservatory, will last for many years and provide you with an abundance of benefits that you can take full advantage of for up to 20 years. Through the use of high-quality products and having had over 10 years of experience designing and installing products for many clients, you can have the peace of mind that our team will ensure that every aspect of your project runs smoothly. You can also take advantage of our 10-year warranty provided by QA, giving you the reassurance that our products are the best of the best.

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