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Whether you are looking to complement your properties aesthetic, or wish to add a personal touch to your home, the CS Windows team can help transform your space inside and out with windows and doors.

Front Doors Hitchin

Incorporate the latest safety features onto your home with the perfect combination of front door style, versatility and security, perfect for any property. Whether you have a traditional house or a modern new build, our team can work with you to design a front door in Hitchin that matches the vision you had in mind. Through the use of additional features, such as handles and glass panes, along with a touch of colour, you can introduce exceptional characteristics and personality to your home. We offer both traditional and modern design which can be fully customised to suit your style requirements and functionality. You can also make the exterior of your door a different colour to the interior, ensuring that if you would like a traditional exterior and modern interior, this is possible.

We offer the popular greys, black and white on our doors to integrate character to your home and you can add to your door design by choosing from a range of handles and glass pane with decorative features to create a welcoming entrance. Whether you would like to discuss design options or have some ideas in mind, please feel free to contact our team for additional information about our full range of front door products. The team can also discuss with you our customisable options to ensure that your front door matches your style.


When transforming your home is important to invest in high-quality materials so that your investment can last. Here at CS Windows, we only provide high-quality windows in Hitchin, ensuring that every client is equipped with a product that offers lasting results and functionality. Cooperated into all of our windows is double or triple glazing as well as the latest security features, helping you to maintain a safe home. In addition, you can also fully customise your windows with the use of colour and handles.

Colours range from subtle to vibrant, making sure that you can maintain or change your home’s aesthetic, or if you are unsure which colour will best suit your property, then our team is always at hand to help. You can further add to the aesthetic of your windows by incorporating various handle designs from a curved monkey handle to a classic and elegant straight handle. Regardless of your property type, whether it is a period home or new build, our team can work with you to design your bespoke windows using a vast collection of design, colours and additional features.


Adding a conservatory is one of the best ways to incorporate new living space while also adding to the value of your home. Through our stunning conservatories in Hitchin, you can create the perfect space for you and the family to enjoy. Our conservatories are designed bespoke to every client, ensuring that your investments are suited to you and your property. To further enhance your home, you can choose from a wide range of styles and colours when piecing together your perfect conservatory. All conservatories designed by CS Windows use UPVC, which allows you to enjoy vibrant colours for many years while requiring little to no maintenance.

For those that have had their conservatory for many years, a replacement guardian tiled roof is the perfect solution for making your once loved space, the centre of family socialising once more. The guardian tiled roof replaces your glass roof and offers an energy-efficient solution to a conservatory that feels cold in the winter and too hot in summer. When designing your replacement roof, you can choose from various colours to create a seamless finish to your conservatory, perfectly complementing your home. If you are interested in designing a conservatory or would like to replace your roof, please feel free to contact our experienced team for further advice and design inspiration.

Roof Lights

Have you recently invested in an extension or loft conversion and looking to add ample light into your living space? Or is your open plan living not providing the spacious feel you hoped? Well, with our stunning and modern roof lights in Hitchin, you can design the perfect product to add natural light into any space. Roof lights offer an ideal home edition for those with open plan living, dispersing natural lighting throughout the home to provide a bigger and brighter feel. A lighter home is not the only advantage of incorporating roof lights into your property, as with CS Windows, you can completely customise your products so that they match your property and personal style.

Through the use of aluminium, you can take advantage of high-quality products and incorporate a colour of your choosing, whether that be a contemporary grey or a fresh and bright white, your options are endless. If you are unsure of what colour will best suit your property, then our team can help to design a product that beautifully complements your home. You can also choose to combine different colours on the exterior and interior of your roof light, matching interior with your decor and exterior with your properties characteristic. Whether you would prefer a flat roof or roof lantern in Hitchin, our team are always just a phone call away to help you bring your vision to life.

Our Most Popular Products

uPVC Windows & Doors

It is always vital to ensure that your products are of the highest quality to provide a durable solution that is worth the investment. Here at CS Windows, we ensure that all of our products are installed to the highest standards and manufactured by leading suppliers to offer premium quality. To achieve this, you can choose to have uPVC material incorporated into your product design. Our uPVC windows in Hitchin help to add a modern touch to your home through the use of quality uPVC, allowing you to fully customise your product by altering the colour and style. To beautifully compliment your new windows, you can also design uPVC doors in Hitchin with the CS Windows team. There is a multitude of benefits that come with UPVC, such as the following:


Increases security

Improves ventilation


Boosts insulation

Aluminium Windows & Doors

From aluminium windows in Hitchin to our stunning range of durable aluminium doors in Hitchin, you can transform the aesthetic of your home or enhance it through a contemporary and elegant product. CS Windows uses only the highest quality aluminium from leading manufacturers, ensuring that your product is the best of the best. Our aluminium door selection includes aluminium bi-fold doors and front doors to enhance the aesthetic of the interior and exterior of your home.

Depending on your requirements and property needs, our team can help you to design a window or door using aluminium and incorporate other features, such as double glazing and your choice of handles. Aluminium comes with similar benefits to uPVC and offers a durable and long-lasting product the adds a timeless feature to your home. Through our many years of experience, our team can fully design and install your product, giving you the reassurance that an expert team will be working on your project.

Double Glazing

When incorporating the highest quality aluminium or uPVC into your product, it is important to make sure that each element of your personalised product provides safety, style and reliability. All of this is achieved through our double glazing in Hitchin, offering you the perfect energy-efficient solution that can help to lower energy bills while increasing the value of your home. Our team can incorporate double or triple glazing into your products, whether that is a new set of windows or a bespoke conservatory.

Double glazing works by adding two glass panes filled with a layer of argon gas onto your window frames, providing a comfortable temperature throughout the year and reducing noise pollution. Before installing your products, you are able to discuss with the team whether double or triple glazing is best, taking your personal preference, property and budget into consideration.

The Benefits of Our Products

Many clients working with the CS Windows team have come as recommendations from previous clients praising our high quality and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every client is more than satisfied with the service that we provide and that their products stand the test of time. We use only leading manufacturers for all of our products to maintain the high-quality standards that we guarantee. To provide you with extra reassurance and the peace of mind that the products you choose are the best of the best, all windows, doors and conservatories come with a 10-year warranty provided by QA Warranties.

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