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With a wide selection of windows and doors available, you can transform your homes aesthetic through the use of designs, colours and additional customisable features.

Front Doors Luton

Create a dramatic entrance to your home with a stunning front door in Luton, perfectly designed to add lots of style while also providing you with optimum functionality. You can choose from a wide selection of finish and colour options, ensuring that you create a front door that matches your style preferences. Our team has years of experience helping clients transform their home with a modern touch, using high-quality uPVC and aluminium products. You can customise your products while ensuring that you can enjoy advanced safety features for many years to come. All products provide durability and longevity, meaning that they require little maintenance to keep them looking pristine. You can customise your products with colours and handles, adding a modern or traditional touch to your beautiful home. Feel free to get into contact with the team about designing your personalised front door!


Instantly transform your homes aesthetic with our stunning range of windows in Luton. Whether you have a traditional, period property or a modern new build, you can enhance its beauty through our high-quality and stylish windows. The colours of your windows can be perfectly matched with your front door, or you can even match colours with your existing windows. Alternatively, the team can work with you to choose a colour that will beautifully complement your home. Using leading uPVC and aluminium products, you can select a design unique to you. From the classic sliding sash to a modern tilt and turn, our team can help you to determine the perfect products. Once you have chosen your windows, you can transform the design through a vast collection of RAL colours, materials and handles. All of our windows come with a ten-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, your investment is protected.


There are many benefits that come alongside incorporating a conservatory into your home, from the ample light that is introduced into your living space, to the additional room for you and your family to enjoy. There are many uses for a conservatory, such as a living room, dining room or even a study, your options are endless! All of our conservatories in Luton are designed and made to measure, ensuring that it fits seamlessly onto your home using the perfect colours, materials and additional features.

Our conservatories offer a stunning and elegant touch, whether you choose to opt for a lean-to design or a more traditional Edwardian conservatory. All of our conservatories also come with the option to incorporate double or triple glazing, which helps to maintain a good temperature within the conservatory throughout the year. Regardless of the space that you have to work with, our team can help you to welcome the addition of a statement conservatory perfect for any home.

Roof Lights

If your home is feeling dark and could do with some natural light, then our range of roof lights in Luton are the perfect solution. Roof lights come in a range of shapes and sizes, providing you with a stunning statement piece that elevates your home design. You can choose from our flat roof lights and our lantern roof lights, both available in uPVC and aluminium, ensuring only the best quality and durability. Our lantern roof lights are simply breathtaking, and can be incorporated into any part of your home. For example, you can add it onto a single-story extension, creating a dramatic design for your new home addition. You can pick our flat roof windows which are ideal for adding natural light into dark spaces such as a loft conversion. You can choose from multiple colours as well as designs to suit both your home and personal style. Whether you have a design in mind or would like to discuss ideas, please feel free to get into contact with our experienced team.

Our Most Popular Products

uPVC Windows & Doors

One of the most popular materials for windows and doors is the reliable, durable and weather-resistant uPVC, designed to offer low maintenance while increasing security and providing vibrant colours for you to enjoy for many years. Our uPVC windows in Luton are perfect for adding colour to you home, whether it is through a bold statement with a dark grey or black frame, or adding a subtle and fresh look through the use of creams and whites. You can also colour-match your windows to your uPVC doors, making it ideal for creating a cohesive look throughout your home. Much like our windows, our uPVC doors in Luton are of the highest quality and purchased from leading suppliers to give you the peace of mind that your design and installation is complete by professionals in the trade. One of the major benefits of installing uPVC is that it requires little maintenance while enhancing energy-efficiency, making it ideal for long-lasting results!

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium is one of the most durable materials that can be used for windows and doors, making it ideal for elevating your home through design and functionality. With our aluminium doors in Luton, you can bring your vision to life while ensuring that your home is secure for many years to come. When it comes to our doors, you can customise the handles as well as any glass panes featured on the product, making it your own and personal to you; this is also available with our aluminium bi-fold doors in Luton. In addition to this, you can pair your doors with strong aluminium windows in Luton, choosing from a wide range of window styles. From sliding sash to casement windows, your choice of design is endless. You can customise your window choice with colours and more, ensuring that it suits your requirements.

Double Glazing

To ensure that the products you install provide you with the best protection for your home, here at CS Windows, we also offer double glazing in Luton and triple glazing, depending on your requirements. Double glazing is much more advanced than single glazing, and offers increased energy efficiency through the addition of another glass pane and a layer of argon gas. Our double and triple glazing is available with all of our products, from our windows to our conservatories. If you are unsure about whether your home needs double or triple glazing, then our team can work with your budget and vision to help you decide which solution will be best for your home. All of our glazings are manufactured by leading and reputable suppliers, so you can be reassured that your products are of the highest quality.

The Benefits of Our Products

Here at CS Windows, we only provide the best products on the market and use leading suppliers to offer clients the best results. We offer a 10-year warranty with all of our products and our Origin windows come with a 20-year guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that your products are well protected even if the worse were to occur. Our team are highly skilled in installation, and will always go above and beyond to make sure that you feel comfortable with your decision throughout the process. So, if you are interested in transforming your home with leading products and services, then please feel free to speak with the team!

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