06th Nov 2020

COVID-19 November Update

With the latest government update in mind, we would like to reassure all clients that we are still open, but with additional safety measures in place. Due to the nature o...

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27th Feb 2020

5 Conservatory Room Ideas

After having your conservatory installed by CS Windows, you’re probably thinking about what you want to place in your new home addition. Well, there are a number of...

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05th Jun 2019

How Much Does A Home Extension Cost?

If you are asking yourself, how much does an extension cost? Then you are guaranteed to find the answer here. There are so many different types of extensions, which all v...

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21st May 2019

Statement Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Often referred to as the heart of the home, your kitchen is not merely just a place to cook, but also a spot to entertain guests and spend quality family time. For this r...

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26th Feb 2019

Hardwood vs Composite Wood Front Doors

A front door is an entrance to your home; it is a key factor in completing the aesthetics of your property and has a huge impact on first impressions. Many different fact...

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23rd May 2018

How to Maintain uPVC Windows

Most homeowners now decide to have their windows made from Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride because of the vast number of benefits it provides. uPVC windows have remarka...

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