Bespoke Conservatories.

CS Windows offers a variety of different style conservatories; all built using the highest quality materials and products. Our team can work with you to create a design, whether it replicates a traditional conservatory or integrates a more modern feel, both of which you can completely customise.

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Our Conservatory Styles

Depending on personal preference and the style of your property, some conservatories are more suitable than others. However, the team can work with you to ensure that the conservatory you choose matches your vision and provides the additional living space you require. There are various colour options, sizes and styles available, allowing you to add a modern or traditional touch to your property.

The Edwardian style conservatory has a timeless yet elegant appearance that suits both traditional and modern properties. The three-sided roof of the Edwardian style allows for maximum lighting and extra headroom. Bricks that match your property will also be intertwined into the design, offering a seamless transition from home to conservatory.
The bay-curved design of the Victorian style conservatory ensures a panoramic view of your garden. Inspired by gothic architecture, the Victorian-style incorporates a profusion of elaborate detail and allows for a wide choice of decorative features. The versatile roofing system enables you to decide the span and pitch; meaning you aren’t limited to size, shape or configuration.
A lean-to conservatory has a flat angled roof that slopes downward, fitting ideally underneath low eaves, allowing the rain to run off the roof. This simple yet contemporary design gives a modern look and feel, complementing all architecture styles. The rectangular floor plan allows for a generous amount of space that can be utilised in a variety of ways; kitchen extensions, playrooms, dining areas and much more.

Replacement Guardian Tiled Roof

If you have an older conservatory, then you may be experiencing poor insulation, condensation and much more. This can make it exceptionally hard for you to enjoy your homes addition throughout the year, being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. The best solution for this is to replace your existing roof with a replacement guardian tiled roof, which is perfectly matched to the roof of your home for a coherent look. A guardian tiled roof ensures that your conservatory is well insulated, while also offering you a modern touch. Please feel free to speak with the team about your conservatory, and we will be happy to discuss how we can transform your space with a bespoke solution.

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