Stunning Super Slim Sliding Doors.

Allowing easy access to your garden while adding a modern touch to your home, our super slim sliding doors are perfect for building character to your property. The slimline design of these doors ensures that you can enjoy natural light while maintaining a safe home.

Combining Style With Durability

Our range of slim sliding doors allows you to enjoy a stunning contemporary style while ensuring that your home has the products required to provide energy efficiency. The combination of style and functionality makes these doors perfect for all home types, giving you a return on your investment. Along with being able to fully customise your slim sliding doors, you can also benefit from the following:

Resistant to adverse weather

Highly engineered products

Improves security

Add to the value of your property

Colour customisation

Double & triple glazing available

Your Slim Sliding Door Colour Options

There is a wide range of colour options that you can choose from when designing your sliding doors, including colour matching to windows for a coherent design throughout your property. In addition to our wide range of colours, you can also choose from a selection of finishes, such as matt or gloss for a contemporary or modern feel. Examples of the colours you can choose from include the following:

over 150 RAL colours to choose from

  • RAL 1000

  • RAL 1001

  • RAL 2000

  • RAL 2001

  • RAL 3000

  • RAL 3001

  • RAL 4001

  • RAL 4002

  • RAL 5000

  • RAL 5001

  • RAL 6000

  • RAL 6001

  • RAL 7000

  • RAL 7001

  • RAL 9003

  • RAL 9004

Why Choose Us?

Here at CS Windows, it is exceptionally important to us to ensure that your products are of excellent quality and that your experience with our team is second-to-none. This is why an experienced expert will work with you to design your sliding doors, and we use only premium products from leading suppliers.

Great Service

We always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and listen to what our customers want.

Industry Experience

With over ten years of experience, we can advise you on what products will keep your home looking its best.

Style Options

All of our products are supplied by leading manufacturers and come in a variety of styles and finishes.

What Our Clients Say

"Great work by CS Windows. Wouldn’t have wanted the job done any other way. Really impressed."

Ready To Transform Your Property?

Bring your vision to life with the CS Windows range of products.