Light Up Your Home With Roof Lights.

Introduce ample natural light into your home through high-quality and beautifully designed roof lights. You can choose from a selection of styles, including a lantern and flat window design to match your properties aesthetic and roof light location.

The Benefits of Roof Lights

The main benefit of a roof light is that it provides your home with excellent natural lighting, which is ideal for those with a small space, as it creates a bigger and bright atmosphere. Your roof lights can be located in multiple places across your home, such as a new single-storey extension or orangery, and even in your loft conversion. The team will work with you to ensure that the products installed onto your roof are only the best quality available, and we can work with you to design a product that matches your style through our range of stunning colours. After designing the perfect roof light, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Improved ventilation

Temperature control

Reduced energy bills

Increased security

Modern design

Types of Roof Lights

Depending on your home and where you would like to place your roof lights, the team can help you to create a design that best matches your personal requirements. There are two main types of roof lights, both of which incorporate a modern touch and allow you to take full advantage of the natural daylight in both the winter and summer months, opening up your space to make it feel brighter. Our two main types of roof lights are as follows:

Incorporating a lantern into your home will add a stunning statement piece and feature that brings an incredible amount of natural light into any space. Our lanterns come in both aluminium and uPVC, which allows you to choose from a multitude of colours for your new home addition.
Flat Roof Light
Our flat roof windows are perfect for creating a coherent piece with your bi-folding doors, welcoming ample light into your living space. This is perfect for open plan living, as it allows the natural light to travel through your home. The flat roof light is perfect for a flat roof extension or loft conversion.

Choosing Your Roof Light Colour

When piecing together your roof light design with the team, you can choose from a beautiful array of frame colours, as well as the option to have your lantern fitted with dark glass to provide privacy. It is important that your products epitomise your style requirements, and that’s why, when designing your roof lights with the CS Windows team, you can choose from the following frame colours:

over 150 RAL colours to choose from

  • RAL 1000

  • RAL 1001

  • RAL 2000

  • RAL 2001

  • RAL 3000

  • RAL 3001

  • RAL 4001

  • RAL 4002

  • RAL 5000

  • RAL 5001

  • RAL 6000

  • RAL 6001

  • RAL 7000

  • RAL 7001

  • RAL 9003

  • RAL 9004

Why Choose Us?

When working with the CS Windows team, you can expect nothing but high-quality products and excellent customer care. Our main mission is to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your new products, and that’s why we offer such an exceptional range of customisable features.

Style Options

From colour to the design of your frames, you can choose from a wide selection of style options to compliment your home.

Quality Products

CS Windows only installs leading and high-quality products, ensuring that you can enjoy your new home addition for many years.

Experienced Team

Having had over ten years of experience, our team can advise on designs and install your products to a high standard.

What Our Clients Say

"We couldn’t find nicer designs elsewhere and thought that CS Windows had a fantastic range of products to choose form. The team were really friendly and helpful, and overall, our experience was exceptional!"

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