Aluminium Windows.

Enjoy high-quality, leading windows for at least 20 years when installing our aluminium windows. The various stunning casement designs available are perfect for creating a statement piece with a large frame designed with a slimline finish to fit seamlessly into your home.

Infusing Your Design With High Quality

The premium aluminium used for all our windows ensures that you are provided with a maintenance-free and energy-efficient product that has been made to last for many years to come. As these products have been made with the highest quality aluminium, it ensures that your windows will not warp or corrode in the adverse weather conditions experienced in the UK. These windows have also been designed and built to last, using exceptional craftsmanship and precision engineering for a quality-controlled finish. Not only are you guaranteed a wide range of benefits when opting for the aluminium windows, but you can also enjoy a variety of styles and colour options. Take a look below for more information regarding personalisation opportunities and window designs.

Your Style Options

Our aluminium windows come in various different styles, some with a thick and bold frame and others with a slimline feature that looks stunning and contemporary when installed onto any home. The team can help you to decide which style will be best suited to your home, and you can easily enhance your aluminium windows with a range of RAL colours. Take a look at your style options:

Origin Aluminium Windows
Unlike other window designs, the Origin aluminium window offers an ultra-sleek frame that has been designed to create a slim and seamless finish. These exceptionally high-quality aluminium windows are available in casement, fixed frame and bay windows.
Smarts Aluminium Windows
Every aspect of your Smart aluminium windows can be customised to cater to your style, including a range of opening options, styles and colour choices. These windows are high performing to provide you with the perfect combination of style and comfort.

An Array Of Colours

Along with increasing thermal efficiency and creating a highly secure home, your aluminium windows can be customised to you through a range of RAL colours. Although darker greys and blacks are popular among clients for this style, you can also transform your home with vibrant tones from over 150 colours!

over 150 RAL colours to choose from

  • RAL 1000

  • RAL 1001

  • RAL 2000

  • RAL 2001

  • RAL 3000

  • RAL 3001

  • RAL 4001

  • RAL 4002

  • RAL 5000

  • RAL 5001

  • RAL 6000

  • RAL 6001

  • RAL 7000

  • RAL 7001

  • RAL 9003

  • RAL 9004

Glazing Options For Your Windows

While style is everything, it is also important to make sure that your home is well insulated, which can be achieved with our range of glazing options. Here at CS Windows, we offer double and triple glazing with all of our windows, ensuring that you can protect your home and increase thermal efficiency. Most older homes have single glazing, which can lead to a cold home and increased energy bills. When replacing your windows, ensure that they are equipped with the best insulation possible. Our double and triple glazing prevents cold air from entering the home and warm air from leaving, which has more benefits than just insulation. Double and triple glazing also prevents condensation from forming on the windows, which will reduce damage and warping for longer-lasting products. Feel free to discuss glazing options with our team for more information.

Add Your Choice Of Handles

Through our wide range of handle choices, you can customise your windows to ensure that they match your personal style. You can easily create a stunning traditional essence or add a touch of contemporary style through the handles that you incorporate. Our team are always more than happy to help you choose your handles depending on your property and window choice, so please do not hesitate to get in contact. Take a look at your choice of handles below:

  • 9910G - Hipca White,(H004-H005)

    9910G – Hipca White,(H004-H005)

  • Chrome,(H004-H005)


  • 9005M - Jet Black,(H004-H005)

    9005M – Jet Black,(H004-H005)

  • Gold,(H004-H005)


  • 7021M - Black Grey,(H004-H005)

    7021M – Black Grey,(H004-H005)

  • Satin,(H004-H005)


  • 7015M - Slate Grey,(H004-H005)

    7015M – Slate Grey,(H004-H005)

  • Brushed,(H004-H005)


  • Satin,(H-094)


  • Chrome,(H-094)


  • Brushed,(H-094)


  • Silver,(H-094)


  • Anthracite Grey,(H-094)

    Anthracite Grey,(H-094)

  • Gold,(H-094)


  • Colour coded option,(H004-HO05)

    Colour coded option,(H004-HO05)

  • 7016M - Anthracite Grey,(HOO4-HO05)

    7016M – Anthracite Grey,(HOO4-HO05)

Why Choose Us?

It is important to us here at CS Widows that you are 100% satisfied with your window installation, and that is why we offer only the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. If you have any questions regarding our windows, then our friendly team are away just a phone call away!

Quick Installation

With over 10 years of experience, our team works hard to get your products installed as quick as possible.

High-Quality Products

All products are supplied by high-quality manufacturers and made to measure your property.

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We provide services all throughout Luton and its local areas such as Dunstable to Harpenden.

What Our Clients Say

"We had our windows fitted by CS Windows just before the winter kicked in, and we are so thankful that we did! The triple glazing on the windows has had a massive impact on how warm our home feels, and they look utterly stunning as well. We could not be happier with the windows and the customer service, a big thumbs up to the team."

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