uPVC Casement Windows.

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, our uPVC casement windows are ideal for any property, whether it has a traditional character or modern flair.

What The Casement Windows Offer

When it comes to choosing your windows, you want to feel reassured that the products you choose accommodate style as well as functionality. Our uPVC casement windows have been perfectly designed to ensure that your requirements are catered to and can offer the following:

Versatile Choices

The uPVC casement windows are suitable for various properties due to their customisation opportunities. These windows can be personalised with colour and styles, and come in various sizes to suit your homes aesthetic.

Multiple Finish Options

If you wish to create a traditional window that mimics your existing windows, then uPVC casement windows come with a woodgrain finish. There are also other finish options available if you wish to transform your home.

Boasts Excellent Energy Efficiency

These windows have been specifically designed to ensure that they are of high-quality to improve insulation. This helps to reduce energy bills and create a more comfortable environment. All uPVC casement windows are compliant with Code of Sustaining Homes and BREEAM standards.

Our uPVC Casement Window Ranges

Achieving your vision couldn’t be easier than with our wide collection of window designs. All of our windows can be fully customised to you, allowing you to change the colours and features of the window to tailor your products to your requirements and property aesthetic. Our team are always more than happy to work with you to piece together your perfect windows using our renowned and high-quality window ranges.

Eurocell uPVC Casement

CS Windows supplies Eurocell uPVC casement windows that offer a sustainable and versatile option for your home. You can choose from a wide range of colours, sizes and even styles when opting for the highly regarded and popular Eurocell products.

Choose Your Window Colour

Customising your windows is even easier with the stunningly modern and sophisticated colour options available when piecing together your uPVC casement window. From whites and creams to browns and black, you can create a stunning sleek appearance for a contemporary style window. Take a look at the colour options available for natural looks and bold statements:

over 150 RAL colours to choose from

  • RAL 1000

  • RAL 1001

  • RAL 2000

  • RAL 2001

  • RAL 3000

  • RAL 3001

  • RAL 4001

  • RAL 4002

  • RAL 5000

  • RAL 5001

  • RAL 6000

  • RAL 6001

  • RAL 7000

  • RAL 7001

  • RAL 9003

  • RAL 9004

Insulate Your Home With Glazing

Using only the highest-quality and industry-leading glazing available, you can insulate your home, reducing energy bills and making the space feel comfortable in both the colder and warmer months. Depending on your budget and requirements, we offer double and triple glazing, ensuring that your home has a high energy efficiency rating. Unlike single glazing, double and triple glazing increases thermal properties through multiple layers of argon glass and glass panes. With all of our window products we also offer a 10-year warranty provided by QA, so that you can have the peace of mind that your glazing will protect your home for many years to come. Our team are always more than happy to discuss glazing options with you and whether double or triple glazing will be best for your property.

Personalise Your Window Handles

It is important that you can customise every aspect of your windows, and that’s why, when working with CS Windows, you can also choose a handle that best fits with your style and window choice. Choose from our wide range of handle colours, materials and designs:

  • 9910G - Hipca White,(H004-H005)

    9910G – Hipca White,(H004-H005)

  • Chrome,(H004-H005)


  • 9005M - Jet Black,(H004-H005)

    9005M – Jet Black,(H004-H005)

  • Gold,(H004-H005)


What Our Clients Say

"CS Windows advised us to get casement windows installed to replace our existing ones. We definitely made the right choice thanks to the team’s advice. They have really lightened up the house, and a lot of our neighbours have complimented them."

Ready To Transform Your Property?

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